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Monday, November 24, 2014

Newest VoxBox #ClearProof

Hey guys! So I received another VoxBox!!!

This time Influenster sent me the Mary Kay ClearProof Acne System FOR FREE! I was super excited because I have struggled with acne since I was in 6th grade. Now, let me explain my skin. My acne is not considered chronic. It is considered mild. But I still fall under the category of, "acne-prone skin". 

Acne makes people self-conscious  and even sometimes causes depression due to self-image. I have been a victim of both. So, you can understand why I was so stoked to try this product line out!

Here's what came in my VoxBox-

-ClearProof Clarifying Cleansing Gel
-ClearProof Blemish Control Toner
-ClearProof Acne Treatment Gel
-ClearProof Oil-free Moisturizer for Acne-prone Skin

So, four steps. The directions for the system suggested usage is: wash, tone, treat, moisturize. Easy enough. Just like any other regimen. So I set off to use the system!

The first thing I noticed was that the cleansing gel had NO color, which is amazing because colors and dyes irritate my skin. The second thing I noticed was that the cleanser seemed to have a slight scent to it. This worried me initially because my face is also sensitive to fragrance. I went ahead with my four step process anyway.

After washing my face, I patted my face dry and applied the toner with a clean cotton ball. The toner felt, smelled and acted just like any toner. It tightened my pores and exfoliated just like other toners you would buy.

Then I used the treatment gel. This looked more like a lotion than a gel. It was white and felt more like a moisturizer than gel. I used this to spot treat break-out prone areas. Immediately after using this I could feel my face tighten, though. It was uncomfortable and the areas that I treated turned slightly red.

I then used the moisturizer. It was very thin, and even though I have combination skin, it didn't feel like it moisturized enough. The result from this moisturizer seemed to make my skin produce MORE oil due to it not giving my skin the moisture it needed.

I used the full system for about one week and then decided that after seeing my skin become extremely dry and flaky and itchy, I needed to start using the system every other day instead of each day. This proved to help somewhat. I was using the cleanser daily, the toner daily, and the moisturizer. The treatment gel was only used when necessary.

After another week, I still was experiencing dryness after using the system every other day. So, I continued to use the cleanser each day, but I stopped using the rest of the system. I went back to my normal daily moisturizer and toner. I continued this way for the last two weeks.

I definitely like the treatment gel, except I literally only use it to spot treat pimples. This system is much too drying and irritating for my skin. I saw a change in the size of my pores as well as an even tone return to my skin, but the dryness this system has created is nearly unbearable. 

Would I recommend this to someone with severe acne? Yes, it is worth the try. It won't be a system for everyone, but if you are looking to try a new treatment, this one is a system to add to your list. It is mistake proof, as there are instructions to help you use each product, and even though my skin became increasingly dry, I still saw decent results.

Would I continue to use this system? No. I was having a better time with my original acne treatment regimen, and will start back on that at the end of this week. For the small improvement I saw in my skin, continuing the use of this system is not worth the dryness and itchiness I get from using JUST the cleanser.

**I received this product line free from Influenster and Mary Kay to test and review. 

*To buy the Mary Kay ClearProof Acne System follow this link:
*To become an Influenster and qualify to try and review FREE products from leading companies, follow this link:

And that's all I have to say today <3

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