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Friday, May 24, 2013

I went MIA l for a while... Sorry about that!

First, I want to apologize because I have been SO busy that I haven't blogged in a LONG while. So I'm sorry! I sincerely feel bad, but I got sick, went to California for DECA Nationals, then came back and was still sick, then I had finals which ate up my life for about two weeks, and just recently I had a tooth pulled which seriously, is the pits. Aside from that, I obviously stopped my 30 Day Shred... I feel like a huge lump and am planning on starting it over as soon as my mouth is completely healed. 

Dentist said that my mouth will be ready to eat steak and chips in about two weeks. Thank god because this whole liquid and mushy food diet is NOT my kinda thing... I hate jello... I hate pudding... so that pretty much narrows it down to soup with nothing but veggies and noodles in it, noodles with sauce but no meat, ice cream (which I really don't mind :D), and mashed potatoes. What a gross texture combo. No lie, I am so glad that I have all of my teeth and can eat regular food just as soon as my mouth is healed. 

On a less rant-ish note, I have become a DECA officer :) I'm super happy about that! For those of you who do not know what DECA is, it is a collegiate business club that offers life skills, career networking opportunities, and career development skills. We as DECA members, have the opportunity to compete in business like scenarios that simulate what may happen in the workplace. This club is exhilarating and challenging which made me campaign for the opportunity as Vice President of Recruitment. SO EXCITED! I wish everyone who reads this could be part of our chapter!!!

Next little blurb, this last semester of school went awesome! Upped my GPA for the semester which was my goal. However, it only raised my overall GPA by .01... which doesn't make the tiniest bit of sense... Oh well, that just means that I need to work that much harder next semester! I registered for classes :) I had to be full-time for insurance reasons and so I ended up taking an Introduction to Website Design class... WHA?! Who does that? This chick! Plus, it will get me an extra certificate... Which can only help me right?

Anyway, the real reason I decided to blog today- 52 Week Challenge Update... Updated! (For those of you who read my blog and know I already have a post called 52 Week Challenge Update.)

I have over $110 now in savings! It feels so awesome! This truly is the easiest way to save money! For those of you who have NO idea what I'm talking about, please read my blog post titled: 52 Week Challenge ....Confusion.... (from February) and also my second post about the 52 Week Challenge titled: 52 Week Challenge Update! (from March). Now... If only someone could make losing weight as easy this money saving challenge is... *cough cough*

And the last thing I am totally obsessed with-
Ariel Yoga... Has anyone ever tried it? There is a place nearby that is now offering it! I would really LOVE to try it! If anyone has any tips on this awesome sounding yoga sport, please let me know! Leave me comments!!! I want to hear what you think!

And that's all I have to say today <3