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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For all you ladies with sensitive skin!

Hey guys! I know it's been a REALLY long time since I've blogged, but hey, a girl gets busy sometimes!

So, Influenster and Gillette recently sent me the new Gillette Venus Sensitive Razor and let me tell you, I was skeptical... I usually have nothing but little red bumps and itching after shaving my legs. HOWEVER, this time, I didn't! I was so excited! It's really hard to go a day without itching and then moisturizing so intensely after shaving, but I didn't feel like I had to do that! My skin was smooth, touchable, and not irritated at all!

I think I may have found my new soulmate! Thanks Influenster and Gillette!!!

And that's all I have to say today <3