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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Yay! I hope everyone had a happy holiday! Mine went WAY too fast! 

Anyway, down to business! Sorry, but I can't upload the last picture of my WhiteStrips adventure... I'm not sure why, but I know you've all been waiting for it. So, so sorry! But, GOOD NEWS! I got my second VoxBox! The 2012 Holiday VoxBox! I'm so excited because it has a bunch of really awesome things in it! 

First, It has this new Goody hairbrush that is supposed to dry hair 30% faster than with just a regular hairbrush! Just what I wanted! And I'm happy I didn't have to buy it!

Second, there is a full serving of Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal. This is cool because I'm always on the go and it is fruit and a bunch of fiber and protein all in one little cup that you just add water to and stick in the microwave! Great for college kids, little kids, or working moms/dads/people.

Third, they sent me NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City. I have never tried this lipgloss but it has vitamin E in it and that is always good for dry lips! Trust me, here in Wisconsin, you get VERY dry lips in the winter time. SO HAPPY FOR THIS!

Next, I've got a $25 coupon to Sole Society. I checked out their website, and let me just say, their shoes look FABULOUS! Can't wait to get a pair! So cute, and $25 off my first pair? Um, HELLO? Why wouldn't I buy some?! (I already have a few pairs saved in what they call my "closet" I just have to narrow it down to which one I will buy!)

Then I have Kiss Nail Dress press on polish strips. These are really cool! The color I have is called Teddy, it's dark, probably almost black, with 3D gold dots. Can't wait to put them on! A friend of mine wears them all the time and her's are always super cute!

I then have something called EBOOST. It is an effervescent powder packet, which means that you dissolve it in water and there is no color. The powder is naturally flavored with Acai and Pomegranate. This makes me sad because I am allergic to Acai. However, Brandon, my finace is not! Therefore, he will be the test subject! It is said to give you energy and focusing power. We shall see!!

Finally, I've received what seems to be a bonus product. COOL! It's a Clean-Up Mud mask by Montagne Jeunesse. Can't wait to try it! 

Thanks to Influenster, I have been totally spoiled this year! I will keep you all updated with how I am liking my products and how they work! 

Finally.... A PICTURE!


And that's all I have to say today <3

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I am still waiting...

So, I have been waiting for the past few weeks to post the picture of my final results for the Whitestrips challenge... and I'm still waiting... So I wanted to let you know that it is coming! I just don't know when...

On another note, I am getting the Holiday VoxBox! So stay tuned and watch and listen for my reviews and VoxBox opening video on Youtube! Can't wait for that one! 

And yet again, another note... do we see a pattern here? I can't wait for the Make a Wish Santa Hustle on Saturday! I am working the "Candy Station" which I think will be really cool :) If anyone is in Milwaukee and doing the run! Come get some candy along the way from me and my friends!!!

Sorry this post is so short. I just don't have many updates today!

And that's all I have to say today <3